Skinning, salting, drying and tagging of trophies is included in our daily rate, as is their transport to the local taxidermist in Namibia.

From time to time, when special trips are required to the taxidermist (eg, for the transport of a skin that can’t wait to be treated), additional fees may be charged.

If you’d prefer to use your own taxidermist for the preparation of your trophy, the Namibian taxidermist will still do a ‘dip and pack’, which takes 3-4 weeks. It involves the skins, hides and horns being treated and salted, to make sure that the trophy is safe to export in raw form and to enable the taxidermist on your side to create a beautiful product.

Make sure you bring your taxidermist’s contact information, along with laminated trophy tags that should have all the relevant information, including your name, port of entry in your home country, and final shipping destination.


Adventure Services International Jerad Dabney: +1 979 571 4968