Although customary, tipping isn’t mandatory. A tip acknowledges great service, and how much to leave – if anything at all – is entirely up to you.

When tipping, take into account the success of your hunting safari, the type and duration of the hunt, the price of the hunt and the number of hunters. If you’re unsure, please ask us.

It’s best to tip at the end of the trip. We recommend tipping in US dollars. Please give your tips to the manager, who will divide them fairly between all staff.

If your experience was so bad that you feel you don’t want to leave a tip for anyone involved in your trip, please do also inform us so that we can put right whatever went wrong.


This is a rough guide. Remember, tipping is entirely your choice.

  • Professional hunter: Add up the cost of the hunt (daily rate and trophy fees combined), excluding tax. On a sliding scale, give him 15% for great service, down to 5% for average service.
  • Tracker: US$10-15 per day
  • All other staff (together): US$10-15 per day


Although gifts such as clothing, cigarettes and sweets, and bigger-ticket items such as a hunting knife or pair of binoculars, are of course always very appreciated, most staff members prefer to be tipped in cash. These kinds of gifts, distributed throughout your visit, do buy a great deal of goodwill, however.