If you think you have seen great photography, think again, unless of course it is Jason Miller’s Raven 6 Studios work.

House Nght 1 RAVEN
Schonbrunn, Omujeve Safari Southern Camp

We were lucky enough to find him and his partner Rick Westphal at Omujeve finishing a month long photo/video project. They had traveled and shot the most spectacular images of Namibian safari life to be seen.

Poacher at work, courtesy Raven 6 Studios

After seeing the magic of the process firsthand, initial shoot to final image, I can honestly tell you this man is the Michael Angelo of all visual media. Much like Michael Angelo chipped away all the stone that was not his vision in the block of marble, exposing his one of a kind masterpieces, Jason sees the image and his camera seems to only reflect what is in his minds eye. Simply unbelievable…

Ivory Camp, a reflection of dream, from across the river

Utilizing a variety of 4K video platforms, a gaggle of multi-function still cameras, a drone, and enough lights and sound options to illuminate fully half of all current Las Vegas stage shows he delivers a superb product, incomparable to any other photographer of note since my great uncle Edward Sheriff Curtis.

Drone @ Schonbrunn

Jason Miller is a man on a mission. His personal focus on his craft is as sharp as his focal plane in the images he displays. Difficult subject matter presents no obstacle, not even a cursory inconvenience. He takes it all in stride, and with his characteristic, “Stand by” he begins to weave his magical spell. For more of this legend in the making please see his full website at Raven 6 Studios or more easily keep track of his projects on FaceBook.