Mylpaal… a new experience!

///Mylpaal… a new experience!

Mylpaal… a new experience!

For all of you interested in Namibia as a tourist or hunting destination, take note please. Beginning in March of 2017 a brand new must visit spot will be open. It is located about half way between Windhoek and the popular Caprivi camps. It is not huge, but at around 12,500 acres it is substantial. It is called Mylpaal, a name which loosely translates into Milepost. As in a notable marker in life’s journey.

Set amid old trees on the edge of a huge Vlei

The owners, Nicolas Libert (email and Stéphane Bailly are of French and Luxembourg heritage respectively. The draw here will be very focused client accommodation on every level. Chef Hendrik is a skilled practitioner of the French culinary arts, and his partner chef Riano, is likewise trained. The cuisine is comparable to any French restaurant that must deal with the supply issues of Africa. We enjoyed Osso bucco for diner, and it was over the top in flavor and texture, presentation was top shelf. Breakfast the next day was homemade game sausage, eggs of your choice (made to order) English style roasted tomatoes, a variety of breads, and of course, croissants. A very unique hibiscus jam was an unknown to us and very well appreciated. A full menu of coffee drinks are also included.

A simple breakfast!
Breakfast breads

Osso Bucco, plated and ready to enjoy. Note fresh greens from Mylpaal's own garden
A fancy dessert. Creme brûlée, nestled in a chocolate cup with candied peach, sugar swirl.

The accommodations were simple and spacious, yet high level in execution and presentation. A large walk-in shower would hold a basketball team of your closest friends. Slate and timbers lent a natural themed decor. Oh, and did I mention their are only four client accommodations arranged in a pod of two suites each. No crowds here, only service par excellance!

Menu planning in dining room, Chef Hendrik
Enjoying the outdoor lounge/dining/bar area

The variety of wildlife is standard for this part of Namibia, and includes many highly sought after species like, sable, nyala, kudu, waterbuck, black and blue wildebeest, , impala, Burchell and Hartmann’s zebra, and at least fifteen species more. Trophy quality is very high from the many species I viewed. Whether you prefer gun or camera, you will not be disappointed!

Sunset at the braai over the vlei and new waterhole

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