A regular guest and friend of Omujeve, Ted Schall, has just set off on an epic African safari travel adventure. Follow his adventures on his blog called Ngruma

The first article describes how Ted met Omujeve’s owner, Corne Kruger, back in 2002 and how their relationship has developed over the years.

Ted writes: “I visited Safaris Club International’s annual convention. Tucked away in a quiet end booth were two young men sitting at a small round table, watching the world stroll by. Their booth bore the simple signage “Erindi.” I had contacted them via email and arranged to visit with them regarding their first year of operation. The manager, Paul Joubert, and newly minted Professional Hunter Corne, were seemingly barely out of their teens, but they were old enough to legally drink. A better pair of honest, straightforward and well-informed young men would be hard to find. They answered my questions about the game reserve they were representing and a deal was struck to visit them for two weeks that July. The size of their reserve was a staggering 268 square mile block of land”.

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We’ll be sharing Ted’s adventures as he makes his way around Africa.