Un-social Media

Cecil the lion. Harambe the gorilla. Legos the giraffe. If it is a member of the animal kingdom, and has a name it is sacred. Uh, oh. The lone exception arises in the species Homo Sapien. No one weeps for him… Worldwide social media has given rise to the “useful idiots” needed to effect change. Not for the better mind you, not for any logical reason. Change for change’s sake. The “useful idiots” flood the vapid halls of every social site developed to date with their ill founded, illogical, lemming like opinions en masse. I would like to point out that the social consensus mob mentality is a myth of epic proportions. What we see is really the management of an agenda, almost always political, almost solely to increase centralized power through centralized thought. Pretty heavy stuff here. The result of the first two cases cited at the inception of this piece are perfect examples. Granted there are some people that truly believe any loss of life is wrong. Reference the Buddhist faith in p..