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Emirates, simply the best!

OK, maybe I am a little over the top regarding our recent Emirates experience, that’s precisely why I waited several days before writing this piece. I am old enough to remember when air travel was an event. People dressed well, passengers were treated with respect, and the entire experience was one of smooth operations and expected results. Our A380-800 being rolled out @ SFOThe current state of all air travel is little better than a bad third world bus terminal. Replete with the usual suspects, few standards, animals of most varieties (think service animals), uncomfortable cramped spaces and questionable hygienic facilities. Occasionally I think a good representation of hell is any long haul carriers restroom at the end of a twelve plus hour flight! I have flown most of the truly long distance international carriers with the exception of Singapore Airlines, Aeroflot (I had to be honest), Italia, Aer Lingus, Eithad, and Qatar Air. I fondly remember flying the old PanAm, the original K..

The Joy of Travel

The first step is always the most difficult, well, not really when it comes to air travel. Booking is tedious, especially when multiple flight segments require proper intervals for retrieving and re-checking baggage. Then there is the TSA (Transportation Security Agency) an oxymoron of monumental proportions if there ever was one. I will not comment on the people of TSA. I will leave the reader to make their own judgements, BUT all I can say is we pay for this? It seems the old adage, “You get the government you deserve (by voting),” is more than applicable. It seems in today’s world of air travel, most U.S. airlines will not check through your checked baggage UNLESS the international airline is one of their recognized travel partners. Well DELTA is in a huff about EMIRATES. Seems to be a fairly well published dispute about market shares with some airlines purportedly being subsidized by their foreign governments. Hmmm… Well EMIRATES is really in a class by itself. They offer great f..

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