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International Expo Tour

Omujeve Hunting Safaris is going abroad during the off-season. We will be visiting the United States in January 2020 on our International Expo Tour. We have provided the dates and venues ahead of time so you can be sure to get down to see us. What we do: Omujeve Hunting [...]


KwaZulu-Natal: Circa turn of the century… It was a difficult safari. The vegetation was dense and green. The rainy season extending very late this year. Two of us were in pursuit of a pair of Nyala worthy of the adjective “trophy”. They seemingly were on holiday at an undisclosed location. Our daily marches had yielded nothing but wet clothes, run ins with various ill tempered Jumbo’s and more than a handful of reptile encounters in the armpit high riverine habitat. Riverine nyala habitatThe red pepper ticks were in the midst of a population explosion that yielded results in the ounce per leg category nightly, despite our best efforts and applications of all repellants known to man. Gaiters capping boots and socks soaked in various concoctions, and liberal dousing of pant legs would do nothing to deter the hungry hordes. My friend Con and his lifelong tracker Eric were in shock at the severity of the infestation. It seemed everything from ticks to jumbo were thriving. One evening Er..

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Discover Jason Miller…

If you think you have seen great photography, think again, unless of course it is Jason Miller’s Raven 6 Studios work. Schonbrunn, Omujeve Safari Southern CampWe were lucky enough to find him and his partner Rick Westphal at Omujeve finishing a month long photo/video project. They had traveled and shot the most spectacular images of Namibian safari life to be seen. Poacher at work, courtesy Raven 6 StudiosAfter seeing the magic of the process firsthand, initial shoot to final image, I can honestly tell you this man is the Michael Angelo of all visual media. Much like Michael Angelo chipped away all the stone that was not his vision in the block of marble, exposing his one of a kind masterpieces, Jason sees the image and his camera seems to only reflect what is in his minds eye. Simply unbelievable… Ivory Camp, a reflection of dream, from across the riverUtilizing a variety of 4K video platforms, a gaggle of multi-function still cameras, a drone, and enough lights and sound options t..

A farm in Africa…

Returning to Namibia, after more than a decade away, I find it little changed. Downtown Windhoek is a collection of new buildings and a bustle of construction. The roads are as they were, the streets more crowded than before. Shopping provides greater selection through more vendors than I’ve ever seen. After a whirlwind of provisioning we travel to our first home headquarters at Omujeve Hunting Safari’s main lodge. It is a spacious complex overlooking a small valley with a varied population of resident plains game. The lodge itself is of rather new construction with the typical thatched roof and interior pole design. A series of a dozen, or more, eight foot wide paired french doors allow for a full view to the valley beyond. The lodge is home to the main dining room with seating for up to twenty guests. Flanked by a pair of lounges, one area is paired with a large bar, the other with a central fire pit and hood. Shoulder and life-size animal mounts, along with European style horn moun..

Ngruma Safari Travel

A regular guest and friend of Omujeve, Ted Schall, has just set off on an epic African safari travel adventure. Follow his adventures on his blog called Ngruma The first article describes how Ted met Omujeve's owner, Corne Kruger, back in 2002 and how their relationship has developed over the years. [...]

Un-social Media

Cecil the lion. Harambe the gorilla. Legos the giraffe. If it is a member of the animal kingdom, and has a name it is sacred. Uh, oh. The lone exception arises in the species Homo Sapien. No one weeps for him… Worldwide social media has given rise to the “useful idiots” needed to effect change. Not for the better mind you, not for any logical reason. Change for change’s sake. The “useful idiots” flood the vapid halls of every social site developed to date with their ill founded, illogical, lemming like opinions en masse. I would like to point out that the social consensus mob mentality is a myth of epic proportions. What we see is really the management of an agenda, almost always political, almost solely to increase centralized power through centralized thought. Pretty heavy stuff here. The result of the first two cases cited at the inception of this piece are perfect examples. Granted there are some people that truly believe any loss of life is wrong. Reference the Buddhist faith in p..

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