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International Expo Tour

Omujeve Hunting Safaris is going abroad during the off-season. We will be visiting the United States in January 2020 on our International Expo Tour. We have provided the dates and venues ahead of time so you can be sure to get down to see us. What we do: Omujeve Hunting [...]

Discover Jason Miller…

If you think you have seen great photography, think again, unless of course it is Jason Miller’s Raven 6 Studios work. Schonbrunn, Omujeve Safari Southern CampWe were lucky enough to find him and his partner Rick Westphal at Omujeve finishing a month long photo/video project. They had traveled and shot the most spectacular images of Namibian safari life to be seen. Poacher at work, courtesy Raven 6 StudiosAfter seeing the magic of the process firsthand, initial shoot to final image, I can honestly tell you this man is the Michael Angelo of all visual media. Much like Michael Angelo chipped away all the stone that was not his vision in the block of marble, exposing his one of a kind masterpieces, Jason sees the image and his camera seems to only reflect what is in his minds eye. Simply unbelievable… Ivory Camp, a reflection of dream, from across the riverUtilizing a variety of 4K video platforms, a gaggle of multi-function still cameras, a drone, and enough lights and sound options t..

A farm in Africa…

Returning to Namibia, after more than a decade away, I find it little changed. Downtown Windhoek is a collection of new buildings and a bustle of construction. The roads are as they were, the streets more crowded than before. Shopping provides greater selection through more vendors than I’ve ever seen. After a whirlwind of provisioning we travel to our first home headquarters at Omujeve Hunting Safari’s main lodge. It is a spacious complex overlooking a small valley with a varied population of resident plains game. The lodge itself is of rather new construction with the typical thatched roof and interior pole design. A series of a dozen, or more, eight foot wide paired french doors allow for a full view to the valley beyond. The lodge is home to the main dining room with seating for up to twenty guests. Flanked by a pair of lounges, one area is paired with a large bar, the other with a central fire pit and hood. Shoulder and life-size animal mounts, along with European style horn moun..

Ngruma Safari Travel

A regular guest and friend of Omujeve, Ted Schall, has just set off on an epic African safari travel adventure. Follow his adventures on his blog called Ngruma The first article describes how Ted met Omujeve's owner, Corne Kruger, back in 2002 and how their relationship has developed over the years. [...]


Welcome to those of you who took a moment to visit with us! Regardless of how you stumbled upon us, I wanted to temper your expectations a bit with our reality. Over the next seventy five days our focus is as broad as Africa herself; Wildlife, conservation, food, accommodations, indigenous peoples, hunting, famous writer’s words, original stories, opinions, recipes, anecdotes, tips, guidance and generally useful stuff we encounter along the way. It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to have lived a life of adventure. I began reading a family book of substantial proportions, “African Game Trails” by Theodore Roosevelt at the age of three. It fired my interest in all things Africa, and forged my path towards adventure. Today’s Africa bears testimony to the scope of the changes it has endured. Nation states of enviable environmental riches lay in economic shambles everywhere. The colonization of this continent created nation states, that more often than not, were a reflection o..

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