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First Impression

We landed in Dubai, UAE a few evenings past for a whirlwind three days of exploration in this very adult Disneyland on the Arabian Peninsula. We will do what we can to highlight the ordinary and extra-ordinary. This city of contrasts, made up of immigrants, tourists, and UAE citizens is testimony to the wildest architecture imaginable. I cannot express the magnitude of what lies before us. A dictionary full of World’s largest, World’s best, World’s – fill in any adjective you may choose -, and I’m sure it will NOT be descriptive enough. Burj al Arab from the Jumeirah mallCayman Building on left, corners rotate 90 degrees!It is HOT, HOT, HOT here in this city on the edge of the Persian Gulf in early July. The strategic Straights of Hormuz separates Iran from the United Arab Emirates by a scant thirty miles or so. The comedic attribution by Tina Fey to Sarah Palin of, “I can see Russia from my house,” nearly applies here. You almost can see Iran from your hotel on a clear day! I am tol..

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You’re in Dubai?

One basic thing about rural Africa you must remember is the simple axiom when it comes to luggage, “less is more”! This statement is never more true than when visiting remote safari camps. Daily laundry, is the norm here. African cities, especially in summer (by calendar) have an entirely different set of requirements. Dubai represents first rate hotels, shopping, dining, and nightlife establishments. Dubai (UAE) as an Islamic culture, dictates men and women adhere to relatively conservative standards for attire. Daytime temperatures average well over 105 degrees fahrenheit during the day, and a warm 86F at night. The humidity can be intolerable. So how to dress? All cotton fabrics rule the day.. Traditional arabic clothing for men is surprisingly comfortable and cool. Western dress is well accepted. Slacks, a cool button up shirt and a light linen jacket make a good foundation. For women it is advisable to dress with an eye towards modesty. When you think coverage of skin, more is g..

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